633 Main Street, Deadwood, ND

(605) 578-1745

Status: Functional Hotel, Owners and Staff are Comfortable with the Haunting



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Built by Seth Bullock, the first sheriff in Deadwood, on the site of where a converted warehouse burned down in the Deadwood Fire of 1894. It is the oldest hotel in Deadwood and still has 28 of its original 68 rooms.

It was an incredibly luxurious hotel for its time and place with 63 rooms, each with its own bathroom, and a restaurant downstairs that seated 100 and served such delicacies as lobster and pheasant. Mr Bullock would die of cancer in 1919 on his ranch but seems to have returned to his hotel to entertain guests after his death.

In 1976 the hotel was sold and turned into a hardware store. In 1991 it was sold again and converted back into a hotel. The new owners have carefully restored the hotel back to the 19th century with all the modern amenities added.


Paranormal Activity

The apparition of Seth is seen in the basement and in the restaurant and his presence is felt in many rooms and hallways. He seems to show himself when the hotel’s staff is not working to their full capacity; perhaps he is still looking out for his investment.

Dishes and glasses have been known to shake and take flight, lights and appliances turn on and off on their own, items move on their own and showers turn on on their own

A disembodied male voice has been heard, light anomalies, phantom whistling and footsteps, unplugged alarm clocks go off, a broken clock still chimes, cloudy figures are seen in the hallways, TVs operate on their own, and an apparition has been photographed in a mirror.