Highway 154, Gibsland, LA

Status: Famous Historical Ambush Site; Murder Site


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This is the site – the original monument was moved about 30 feet north for highway improvements – where Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were ambushed and killed by 4 Texas Rangers.

The overly romanticized outlaw couple were wanted for murder, robbery and kidnapping. On May 23, 1934 the Rangers – who had been looking for the couple for months – ambushed the couple in their car and fired on them without warning. In modern times they probably would have been charged with murder.

The first shot went into Clyde’s head – probably killing him instantly – then the officers shot another 129 rounds into Clyde’s corpse and Bonnie; who continued to scream until her death.

It must not be forgetten these 2 had murdered numerous law enforcement officers.

The original plaque set up has been heavily vandalized – mostly by starstruck teenage lovers lost in a tale of fabricated romance – by graffiti and gunshots. In 2014 a new plaque was put up beside the old one which twists the story in the completely opposite direction declaring the officers and heroes.

As with most of history,

the truth lies somewhere in the middle.


Paranormal Activity

Many photos taken in the area show misty – some would say ghostlike – figures.

Apparitions people have identified as Bonnie and Clyde have been seen moving through the woods.

Other Activity: phantom sounds of gunfire and a woman’s screams (this is most common on or near the anniversary of their deaths); disembodied voices and (curiously) a woman’s laughter; light anomalies and feelings of being watched from the woods.