Marion, KY

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Status: Public Road; Public Cemetery; Urban Legend


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Paranormal Activity

This location is only for experienced paranormal investigators; novices and beginners should seriously keep their distance. Even for experienced investigators it is advised that you stay in your car with the doors locked and the windows up – the experience will be intense enough even sealed up like this.

It is said that the easiest way to know that you have found this cemetery is the overwhelming empathic sense of sorrow you will feel – some people have reduced to uncontrollable sobbing.

The entities here are not friendly but they are more than happy to let visitors know just how unhappy they are.

A phantom dog is said to guard the cemetery and is usually seen limping or otherwise seeming to be injured. This is a ruse and is used to get people out of their cars and to approach it. If this ruse doesn’t work the dog, which is said to have burning yellow eyes, will keep pace with your car no matter the speed until you reach the fork in the road (see below) again. Witnesses who have approached the dog have been physically attacked.

The apparitions of Civil War soldiers still locked in battle have been seen here. Phantom faces have appeared right next to car windows coming out of mists that suddenly spring out of nowhere. Invisible forces have attacked the living resulting in bites, scratches and cuts. Unlocked car doors have been opened by invisible presences and there have been reports of attempts to pull people out of their cars. Cars have also suffered damage here including dents and scratches on the windows. Cars have also stalled here resulting in great difficulty in getting them started again.

The ghosts of loved ones who have passed away have been seen begging people to get out of their cars and follow them. This would seem to be dark entities with the ability to pull images out of people’s minds and project them. There are also reports of the trees being filled with dead men hanging from nooses.

Phantom noises echo through the area including screams, yells, cries and voices. Scenes of horrific car accidents have been played out for witnesses with the ghosts of the victims rising immediately and approaching the witness’s cars. Sudden and abrupt weather changes have been reported including pouring rain to clear skies or vice versa.

The things that call this cemetery home are very aggressive and it suggested that you show no fear and only come to this area fully protected and shielded. People who go unprepared have suffered crippling panic attacks, physical illness and terrible nightmares. It is said that everyone experiences something different here but very few leave untouched.

Directions (Legend says They Must Be Followed Precisely)

It is located off of Baker Church Road going toward Morganfield. You turn to the left off Baker Church Road on to Baker Hollow Road. There is one cemetery behind the church on the left.

After you pass this church there is a fork in the road, follow it to the left and this is where everything begins. However on a good night it begins when you first turn on the road. You have to go after dark but the best time to go is around or after midnight. This cemetery disappears and then reappears in different locations.

However it will not show itself when you drive down the road. You have to drive down to the end of the road and turn around and come back in order to see the cemetery. You will know when you are close to the cemetery because you will have an overwhelming feeling of sadness and may begin to cry for no apparent reason.