(Alton Mental Health Hospital)(Alton State Hospital)

4500 College Avenue, Alton, IL

(618) 474-3800

Status: Active Forensic (Criminally Insane) Hospital; Government Owned

No Public Access


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Plans for this hospital date back to 1911 from the Illinois General Assembly when funds were put aside for the creation of another State run hospital for the insane. Despite calls for the institution to be built close to the Chicago city center Alton was picked as the site.

The hospital was completed in 1917 – although patients were transferred from Anna State Hospital in December of 1916 and put in temporary housing – and control was transferred to new Department of Public Welfare.

A training school for nurses was created in 1921.

During it’s history this hospital used methods which would be considered torture today but were considered feasible treatments at the time including: lobotomies, electro-shock therapy, insulin shock therapy and cold water therapy.

In 1961 the Department of Mental Health took over ownership and control of the facility. In 1975 they changed the name to Alton Mental Health Center.

This facility is still active and now houses those found not guilty by reason of insanity. There is no access to the institution and any curious investigators will be told politely, but firmly, to leave.


Paranormal Activity

The reports of paranormal activity are from staff over the years as there is no public access to the buildings.

The most common reported activity is whispers by unseen entities including entire conversations and multiple reports of someone saying ‘Who’s that?” This whisper is reported as being in a very meek tone.

Doors in the hospital have closed suddenly completely on their own.

There are many reports of being touched by unseen entities – commonly feels as it invisible hands are reaching out to touch people.

One photo taken on site appears to be an orb with a male face in tremendous pain inside it.

Other Activity: phantom footsteps; shadow figures and feelings of not being alone.