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Building 9 Above - one of the most active buildings


The institution was opened on July 1, 1923 as the Institute For The Feebleminded. It covers 275 acres with a total 45 buildings although some have been torn down.

In 2009 the Alberta Health Services closed down 106 beds of the 406 remaining. This decision was hotly opposed by the hospital itself. The patients remaining here are either voluntary or held under the Criminal Codes of Alberta or Canada.


Paranormal Activity

With the infamy of Charles Camsell Hospital (see below) and Edmonton General (see below) this location often gets missed in most listings of haunted locations of Edmonton. Nonetheless it should not be forgotten. Edmonton may have more haunted hospitals than any other city in the world.

Building 9

Has been reported as giving off large amounts of energy and has been described as just being plain "friggen creepy". The level of energy seems to increase after dark and it is avoided once the sun is set unless absolutely necessary. There are also reports of a feeling of being watched from the dark windows.

Buidling 12

Once used a palliative care unit and there were reports of patients becoming very upset to the point of kicking and screaming and warning staff of something standing behind them. This was especially prevalent in a room in the back of the building near the washrooms.

The washrooms themselves are reported as having large very very cold spots and sights of shadow figures. One report is of the room becoming suddenly freezing with a sight of a shadow figure followed by the patient in the next room suddenly becoming very upset - do we see a pattern here?

Other activity: Apparitions of former patients and staff have been seen both the buildings and on the grounds. Shadow figures are commonly reported here. Feelings of being watched, not being alone, not being wanted and of unease and fear. Light anomalies and unexplained noises have also been reported.