(Evergreen Inn & Tavern)(Curtis House Inn)

506 Main Street South, Woodbury, CT

(203) 405-3735

Status: Historic Inn and Restaurant; Open to Registered Guests and Patrons



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Commonly known as “Connecticut’s oldest inn” this location has been a family-owned business since 1754. It has also been called the State’s most haunted location.

The original two-story house was built in 1734 by Rev Anthony Stoddard whose grandson, also Anthony Stoddard, turned it into the Orenaug Inn. The first floor was made into guest rooms while the second floor was converted into a ballroom. In 1754 he changed the name to the Curtis Inn.

In the 19th Century the second floor was converted into guest rooms and in 1900 the roof was raised creating a third floor with more rooms for guests.

In modern times the inn was not seen in a good light when Gordon Ramsey came to visit for his reality show “Motel Hell”. The Inn was sold in 2019 and became the Evergreen Inn and in 2020 it was bought by Executive Chef Michael Bates-Walsh and is now the 1754 Inn.


Paranormal Activity

Former owners, employees and guests seem to have decided that death was not going to keep them away from this historical inn.

A painting of Anthony Stoddard hung in foyer brought some unwanted paranormal activity to the staff at the time. Employees felt uneasy saying that a strong overbearing presence came from the eyes of the original owner. Perhaps the staff was not up to his standards. The painting has since been moved to the dining room and everyone – including Mr Stoddard – seems to be a lot more comfortable.

People have had their hair tugged by an unseen presence in the attic. Specifically in Room 5 – in the attic – guests have heard phantom voices and even entire conversations. There is said to be the ghost of a former slave in the attic.

The presence of an older woman has been felt in the dining room. She has been reported as being particularly fond of young female employees who have felt her presence when they were feeling overwhelmed.

The apparition of Joe, a former employee, is seen in the basement eating a plate of potatoes just as he would have done in his lifetime.

 The ghost of a young woman – named Sally - is said to be responsible for some of the activity on the second floor; particularly in Room 16. She’s a bit unfriendly to female guests – pulling off their covers - and, in one case, pushing someone out of bed. Male guests, on the other hand, are treated very well – tucked in at night, setting the covers straight and even getting into bed with them.

A Confederate ghost hangs out in the pub; usually near the liquor closet.

What is possibly the ghost of the former owner – dressed in 18th Century clothing – was seen during the renovations and even hassled some of the workers.

Room 1 is still used by the ghost of Lucius Foot who lived in that room when he was the Innkeeper. His strong male presence is often felt by guests and he sometimes gets into bed with them. He’s also responsible for the phantom sounds of boots thumping to the ground and disembodied voices. If the guest is really lucky Lucius’ apparition will enter the room, sit down on the bed pulling off his boots and loudly saying, “I’ve had a rough ride”.

In Room 23 guests have felt an unseen entity watching them.

Other activity: phantom voices, phantom footsteps, feelings of being watched and – in other rooms not described above – invisible presences getting into bed with you.