8092 9 Avenue SE, calgary, ab

Status: Former School; Fire Site; Urban Legend; Empty Lot


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Per a documentary made in 2017 there was an actual school here in the past. Unlike all of the other locations that were once considered as the possible location for the stories; at one point there were over 30 locations that claimed to be the real Devil's Playground.

Despite some of the stories saying the school burned at the turn of the century – the 19th to the 20th that is – the school was active in the 1950’s. It is also likely the school was burned by a trespasser after the school was closed down.

However, no matter what history says, there is no denying the reports of paranormal activity at this site. In fact, one of the ways this location was narrowed down as the true site was due to the number of reported encounters with the paranormal.

The house that was on the site has now been demolished but some of the stories the previous owner told are very alarming. People looking for ghosts not only entered his property without permission but some attempted to break into his house and some came armed.

Just a reminder do not enter Private Property without permission. As for attempted breaking and entering and being armed you’d think that would fall under common sense not to mention felony law.


Paranormal Activity

The most common activity reported here is the phantom sound of children playing and laughing. People have also reported spectral hand prints on their cars especially on fogged in windows.

The apparition of a girl with long dark hair in a white dress has been seen on site.

Leading to the general creepiness – not mention urban legend – of this site is the animal bones, books and strange graffiti.