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812 Barnum Avenue

Status: Industrial Site; Partially Demolished; In Ruins


This site was originally owned by Union Metallic Cartridge Company who opened up a shop in 1867. This company was bought out by Remington Arms who would massively expand the site in 1915 to 73 acres creating what would become one of the biggest munitions factories in the world employing over 17,000 workers. Much of the munitions used by US Forces during the Second World War was made in this facility.

By 1970 Remington had moved most of its production facilities to their new plant in Arkansas and by 1988 had completely abandoned the entire facility. Other companies (including General Electric) have used parts of the site before moving on as well. The entire site now sits empty and decaying. Vandalism and at least one fire made the site increasingly dangerous – especially to urban explorers and paranormal investigators.

As of 2021 much of the site has been demolished and the work is still proceeding. The iconic shot tower – which looks like a huge bottle of whiskey – is still standing and there is hope it can be refurbished into another use.

In 2020 Remington Arms filed for bankruptcy.


Paranormal Activity

Safety not being what it is today and no laws requiring companies to keep track of accidents in the 19th and early 20th centuries it is certain there were numerous accidents – many fatal – occurred on the site with no record of it now.

Shadow figures and apparitions are seen wandering the grounds as while as passing in front of windows. These are usually suggested to be directly related to accidents that took place on site including at least 2 employees falling into the vats of molten lead and an explosion in 1942 (that was possibly Nazi sabotage) that killed 7 workers and wounded 80 others.

Other activity: disembodied voices, mysterious mists, feelings of dread, intense fear and of being watched, light anomalies, phantom footsteps, cold spots, electrical disturbances and objects moving on their own.


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Routes 59 and CT-136

(203) 375-4932

Status: Historical Haunted Cemetery; Closed After Dark

By <a href="//" title="User:Karlfonza">Karl Thomas Moore</a> - <span class="int-own-work" lang="en">Own work</span>, CC BY-SA 4.0Link


For over 400 years the area has been used as a cemetery.

It is considered to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in all of North America.


Paranormal Activity

The White Lady

There are many stories as to the origins of the white lady: a woman who died in childbirth, a woman who murdered her husband or perhaps a murder victim herself.

Either way she has been appearing along the cemetery’s border with Route 59 for decades. She is described as wearing a white night gown with her face concealed in a white bonnet.

She likes to jump out in front of vehicles driving by the cemetery and – on at least one occasion – has left a dent in the car that hit her. Her ghost was no where to be seen but the damage suggested at least some of her is solid.

Red Eyes

Red Eyes is often seen watching people in the cemetery from the surrounding bushes.

Other have reported hot breath on the back of their necks only to turn around and see those Red Eyes right behind them.

The Red Eyes have even chased people out of the cemetery.

Red Eyes is thought to be the ghost of Earle Kellog who was set on fire and burned to death across the street from the cemetery.


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Mouth of the Thames River

(860) 447-2501

Status: Historic Lighthouse; Museum


By <a href="//" title="User:Beyond My Ken">Beyond My Ken</a> - <span class="int-own-work" lang="en">Own work</span>, CC BY-SA 4.0Link


The original lighthouse here was built in 1762. It was the 4th one built in the 13 Colonies and used to mark an important place in Long Island Sound.

It did not, however, warn incoming ships of the shoals outside of the harbor that could be very dangerous especially in inclement weather.

Beginning in 1890 the Lighthouse Board began asking the US Congress for money to built a better lighthouse. They had to ask 11 times before Congress finally approved the request in 1904 although the actual funds weren’t made available until 1909.

The base of the lighthouse was filled with concrete and sunk in 28 feet of water. The lighthouse itself was built by the Hamilton R Douglas Company out of New London.

When it opened on November 10, 1909 it is said you could see the light up to 18 miles away.

Individual keepers stayed in the lighthouse until 1936. Coast Guard crews then manned the station until 1987 when it was automated.

As of 2015 the lighthouse is owned by the New London Maritime Society. The lighthouse is still operational with an interpretive center created where the lighthouse keepers used to live.


Paranormal Activity

The story of “Ernie” can neither by proven nor disproved historically however, stories of the haunted lighthouse date back to the mid-20th century. The sheer number of stories from uncountable witnesses – including coast guard members and paranormal investigators – makes this haunting undeniable.

“Ernie” is thought to be a former lighthouse keeper – possibly one John Randolph – who lost his wife to a ferry captain. In his sorrow he jumped off of the roof of the house to his death.

Many mediums and others have attempted to cross “Ernie” over – and more than one has claimed to have done so – but the paranormal activity always returns.

His apparition is that of a tall man with a beard in raincoat and hat.

He’s a very active ghost playing with electrical devices turning lights, radio and tv’s off and on; opening and closing doors; releasing tied boats; sounding the fog horn; pulling blankets and sheets off of sleepers; unexplained knocks and bangs and moving objects such as plates and cups.


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351 Farmington Avenue

(860) 247-0998

Status: Former Residence; Museum; Seasonal Ghost Tours


By srett - user on - <a rel="nofollow" class="external free" href=""></a>, CC BY-SA 2.0Link


Built between 1871 and 1874 Samuel Langhorne Clemens – known professionally as Mark Twain – wrote a number of his best known books in this house including: Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn and The Prince and the Pauper.

Twain wrote on the top floor of the house in what is called the Billiards Room. The family was banned from that room – only the cleaning staff were allowed in – though he did entertain his male guests in the room where cigar smoking and liquor was permitted. Twain also remarked he needed a room to swear in.

In 1881 the success of Tom Sawyer allowed the family to buy a neighboring tract of land and make extensive changes to the landscaping and renovations to the house. Once the renovations were complete the house had cost $70,000 (2 million and change in 2023 dollars) in total to construct including the landscaping.

Another $22,000 (640,000 and change in 2023 dollars) was spent on furnishings.

In 1891 the Clemens family was forced to move to Europe – where the cost of living was much cheaper – due to some bad investments. The bank panics in the next few years kept them in Europe and Twain was forced onto the lecture circuit to keep the family financially afloat.

In 1896 Twain’s daughter Susy – who had been left in the US – passed away in the house from spinal meningitis before the remaining family could return. This left them unable to face ever living in the house again and they stayed living abroad.

The sold the house in 1903.

The house became a school, then an apartment building and finally a public library branch before it was slated for demolition in 1929.

The house was rescued by a quickly formed non-profit called the Mark Twain Memorial.

In 1974 restoration was finally began on the house with the goal of turning it into a museum.

In 2008 the foundation once again suffered massive financial losses and the house was only saved by the State and a number of corporate donors.

It is now considered one of the top 10 best historic homes in the world in a list published by National Geographic.


Paranormal Activity

During the Halloween season you can take the Graveyard Shift Ghost Tour for a focus on the hauntings and tales of the Victorian Spiritualist Movement.

The most common paranormal activity reported is the phantom smell of a cigar smoke. Which is unsurprising as Twain smoked between 20 and 40 cigars a day.

The house is haunted by both a “lady in white” and a “lady in black” both of which have been seen throughout the house.

There are also reports of unseen entities tugging on people’s clothing.

Disembodied voices are also frequently heard.

Other Activity: unexplained sounds; objects moving on their own; shadow figures; light anomalies; movement seen only in the corner of people’s eyes and feelings of not being alone and being watched.


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32 Water Street

(860) 536-3555

Status: Former Historic Inn, Restaurant



In 1754 Daniel Packer built this inn over 2 years to serve as a home for himself, his wife – Hanna - and their 7 children. When the American Revolution began Packer served earning his Captain’s Rank twice over.

Its even rumored that George Washington himself may have stayed here during his travels in the area. The Captain told his stories over a good meal and drink until 1825 entertaining his guests.

After the Captain passed the inn remained in the Packer family until well into the 20th century. Unfortunately, its condition then deteriorated to the point where tearing it down was considered.

In 1979 Richard and Lulu Kiley bought the inn and restored it back to its former condition and saving it from the wrecking ball.


Paranormal Activity

The inn fully embraces its haunted history and ghostly residents so feel free to ask questions of the staff.

The Inn’s most popular ghost is that of Ada Byron Clift. She was a 7 year girl who was related to the Packer family and lived here in the 19th century. Ada caught Scarlet Fever and passed away in her room.

Ada is most often seen on the staircase up to the second floor and in the washrooms. Her disembodied laughter is often heard and has been seen running through the rooms and waving from her former bedroom.

The apparition of a Sea Captain has also been witnessed and is rumored to be Daniel Packer himself.

Other Activity: phantom footsteps sounding like someone in heavy boots; glasses moving on their own and doors opening and closing on their own.


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(Fairfield State Hospital)

Primrose Road

Status: Abandoned Hospital; Some Buildings Converted for Use and Some in Ruins; Parklands

href="//" class="mw-redirect" title="Flickr">Flickr</a> as <a rel="nofollow" class="external text" href="">Fairfield State Hospital Grounds</a>, CC BY 2.0Link

The grounds of this former asylum campus have been converted into parklands by the town. There are warnings not to get too close to the buildings due to their condition; although many buildings are being renovated into town buildings. The rules for not getting close to the buildings are reported as not really being enforced.

No one else seems to want anything to do with these buildings because the environmental conditions – they are filled with asbestos and have taken water damage. Some of them are reported as being on the verge of collapse.

Entrance into the empty buildings is strictly forbidden and considered trespassing.

Our Paranormal World does not not condone or support trespassing or any other illegal activity.


This hospital was built for the same reason as many others in the eastern US; overcrowding in other hospitals. Construction was begun in June of 1931 and it was opened for patients June 1, 1933. When it opened there was 500 patients and only 3 doctors.

It was designed specifically to break the look of institutions with it's beautiful parklands and in the colonial architectural style. Even today, despite the deteriorating condition of some of the buildings, it is still a beautiful campus.

By the 1950s and 60s – as with other hospitals at the same time – overcrowding had become an issue. By the late 60’s there was 4,000 patients, 20 doctors and 50 nurses. Inside it was rumored to be a house of horrors with patients restrained 24/7 and therapies such as cold water shock and electro-shock therapy being the norm.

By the 1990’s the campus included 16 buildings on 100 acres of land with 670 acres of surrounding land. However, by this time, deinstitutionalization was becoming the norm due to the advances in anti-psychotic drugs and the cost of running massive campus hospitals.

On December 8, 1995 the State Governor closed the hospital – along with its much more haunted sister institution Norwich State Hospital – all patients were shipped to another hospital.

The grounds and buildings were used in the movie “Sleepers” and in an episode of MTV’s Fear but for the most part left to fall apart. As mentioned above the town has now taken over the site and converted the grounds into a park as well as renovated some buildings to be used as town offices.

Paranormal Activity

Much like many other former insane asylums, this location has a dark history of patient mistreatment and approved treatments that were tantamount to torture. Unlike many of it’s sister institutions this history of horrors has not translated into large amounts of paranormal activity and hauntings.

There are many reports on the net of people getting into the buildings but very few reports of any kind of paranormal activity. To be honest the reports of people who were on the grounds while the hospital was still in operation are much scarier – sounds of screaming and weeping that penetrated the walls.

The few reports of activity include: rare reports of apparitions of patients; feelings of unease and being watched; phantom screams, voices and a general feeling of something feeling not right.


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(Norwich State Hospital for the Insane, Norwich Hospital)


Status: Abandoned Hospital Complex; Partially Demolished; Remaining Structures Unsafe

href="">Norwich Hospital District - Admin Building</a> Uploaded by <a href="//;action=edit&amp;redlink=1" class="new" title="User:LongLiveRock (page does not exist)">LongLiveRock</a>, CC BY-SA 2.0Link


This institution opened in 1904 and closed with a reduced staff in 1996.

This site expanded from 1 building on 100 acres on the Thames River to over 30 building and covering over 900 acres. Like most contemporary institutions of the time by 1930 the complex had become entirely self-sufficient as well as over crowded.

By the 1970’s, as both patient and employee populations began to decrease, one of the old buildings was shut down every time a newer building was opened up. By the 1980’s most buildings on the campus were either abandoned or use for storage.

The campus housed the mentally ill as well as the criminally insane.

During its operational years, at different times TB patients, geriatric patients and chemically dependent patients were also housed here. It is still owned by the state although the town of Preston is responsible for a large part of the former campus There are many rumors of patients being mistreated to the point of torture here.

After its closure the hospital was sold to the towns of Preston and Norwich for 1 dollar. There were many proposals for the land including a hotel, a theme park and a movie studio but all of the plans fell apart; generally due to financial issues.

As of August, 2021 all buildings on the Preston side have been demolished, tunnels collapsed and roads ripped up. Only 3 historically significant buildings were spared; including the Administration Building.

Paranormal Activity

Apparitions of children and former patients and staff. Intense cold spots have been felt on even the warmest summer days. Phantom voices, moaning and mumbling has been heard. Phantom beeps have been heard in the room where lobotomies where once performed. One room in particular the sound of a woman crying has been heard.

Other activity: light anomalies; mysterious mists; feelings of unease and not being wanted; touches by invisible sources; objects moving on their own and electrical disturbances.


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Nearest Road – Taft Pond Road

Status: Ghost Town; Private Property

No Public Entry


This small hamlet was founded by 2 Welsh settlers - hence the name which means breaking bread in Welsh - in the 1780's. Even today this part of the state is very sparsely populated; in the 18th and 19th Centuries it was truly the middle of nowhere.

It is unclear as to why this town was abandoned; perhaps due to the distance it was from anything else; but sometime the late 19th Century the remaining population left.

All that is left now is weathered foundations, a few walls and a cemetery.

This location is on Private Property accessing it without permission is Trespassing. Our Paranormal World does not endorse Trespassing.


Paranormal Activity

The apparitions of a bearded man and a small child have been sighted in the area near the cemetery. The phantom sounds of children laughing and singing have been heard as well as the creaking sounds of wagons.


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36 Shore Road, End of Seaside Drive

Status: Abandoned Sanatorium; State Park; In Ruins

/">Seaside Sanitorium - Waterford, CT</a> Uploaded by <a href="//" title="User:Magicpiano">Magicpiano</a>, CC BY 2.0Link


The sanatorium was opened in the 1930′s as a rest home for children suffering from tuberculosis. It was built on the shore of Long Island Sound in hopes of the clean air and pleasant environment would help in curing the disease. While this may have prolonged the patient’s lives it did nothing to cure the disease (TB would not be cured until the invention of antibiotics).

It was built to replace the White Beach Hotel in Niantic which only had 45 beds.

In 1958 the hospital was turned over to caring for the elderly for 3 years. It was changed over to help people with developmental disabilities until it was closed in 1996.

Many developers tried to take over the prime seaside location in order to built condos; why are old hospitals always torn down to build either condos or Wal Marts?

In 2014 the State Governor finalized turning the site into a State Park. The buildings remain behind a chain link fence and unenterable but the grounds are open to the public.

There are some stories from the 1970’s to 1996 – when it closed – during the time the building was being used for people with developmental disabilities. These stories include patient abuse and high fatality rate but we were unable to verify the stories through a reputable source.


Paranormal Activity

Apparitions of former patients and staff as well as shadow figures. Disembodied voices and other unexplained sounds and bangs. Feelings of being watched and not wanted. A powerful feeling of unease and eeriness.

Other Activity: light anomalies, electronic disturbances, doors opening and closing on their own and phantom footsteps.


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1754 Inn & restaurant

(Evergreen Inn & Tavern)(Curtis House Inn)

506 Main Street South

(203) 405-3735

Status: Historic Inn and Restaurant; Open to Registered Guests and Patrons



Commonly known as “Connecticut’s oldest inn” this location has been a family-owned business since 1754. It has also been called the State’s most haunted location.

The original two-story house was built in 1734 by Rev Anthony Stoddard whose grandson, also Anthony Stoddard, turned it into the Orenaug Inn. The first floor was made into guest rooms while the second floor was converted into a ballroom. In 1754 he changed the name to the Curtis Inn.

In the 19th Century the second floor was converted into guest rooms and in 1900 the roof was raised creating a third floor with more rooms for guests.

In modern times the inn was not seen in a good light when Gordon Ramsey came to visit for his reality show “Motel Hell”. The Inn was sold in 2019 and became the Evergreen Inn and in 2020 it was bought by Executive Chef Michael Bates-Walsh and is now the 1754 Inn.


Paranormal Activity

Former owners, employees and guests seem to have decided that death was not going to keep them away from this historical inn.

A painting of Anthony Stoddard hung in foyer brought some unwanted paranormal activity to the staff at the time. Employees felt uneasy saying that a strong overbearing presence came from the eyes of the original owner. Perhaps the staff was not up to his standards. The painting has since been moved to the dining room and everyone – including Mr Stoddard – seems to be a lot more comfortable.

People have had their hair tugged by an unseen presence in the attic. Specifically in Room 5 – in the attic – guests have heard phantom voices and even entire conversations. There is said to be the ghost of a former slave in the attic.

The presence of an older woman has been felt in the dining room. She has been reported as being particularly fond of young female employees who have felt her presence when they were feeling overwhelmed.

The apparition of Joe, a former employee, is seen in the basement eating a plate of potatoes just as he would have done in his lifetime.

 The ghost of a young woman – named Sally - is said to be responsible for some of the activity on the second floor; particularly in Room 16. She’s a bit unfriendly to female guests – pulling off their covers - and, in one case, pushing someone out of bed. Male guests, on the other hand, are treated very well – tucked in at night, setting the covers straight and even getting into bed with them.

A Confederate ghost hangs out in the pub; usually near the liquor closet.

What is possibly the ghost of the former owner – dressed in 18th Century clothing – was seen during the renovations and even hassled some of the workers.

Room 1 is still used by the ghost of Lucius Foot who lived in that room when he was the Innkeeper. His strong male presence is often felt by guests and he sometimes gets into bed with them. He’s also responsible for the phantom sounds of boots thumping to the ground and disembodied voices. If the guest is really lucky Lucius’ apparition will enter the room, sit down on the bed pulling off his boots and loudly saying, “I’ve had a rough ride”.

In Room 23 guests have felt an unseen entity watching them.

Other activity: phantom voices, phantom footsteps, feelings of being watched and – in other rooms not described above – invisible presences getting into bed with you.


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