(Darke Building for Music and Arts)

2255 College Avenue, 

(306) 523-2753

Status: Historic Concert Hall



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This building was opened in 1929 as a gift to the University of Regina – then known as Regina College – by Francis Darke as a “temple to the arts. . . “

The building was named after the benefactor who paid for it.

Darke Hall eventually became the premier concert hall in southern Saskatchewan and became the home of the Regina Symphony Orchestra until 1970.

Extra storage rooms were added in the 1960’s.

The foundation was rebuilt, and extra dressing rooms were added in the 1980’s.

In September of 2015 the building was closed for a few years and no one was really sure when, or if, it was going to open again.

In response to a number requests from the community the University of Regina began a massive renovation relying heavily on private donations. In 2019 the federal government also gave them a grant of $1 million.

In 2022 Darke Hall finally opened again.


Paranormal Activity

While Darke’s funeral did take place in the building his bodily remains were sealed in this family’s mausoleum in Regina Cemetery. That being said, his spirit seems to have remained in his beloved building.

Darke is often seen in period – early 20th century – clothing throughout the building seeming to be eternally checking on the Hall bearing his name.

He is also seen still watching most performances – seen by both audience members and the performers – but always fades from sight when the final curtain comes down.

The apparitions of children as well as phantom sounds of them playing is also reported. Apparently, the building was used as a school house when Regina suffered a major typhoid epidemic.