Green Mount Cemetery

250 State Street, Montpelier, VT

(802) 223-5352

Status: Historical Cemetery; Urban Legend



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This historical cemetery dates back to 1854 when the 35 acres of land for it was purchased for $2,210. It contains the graves of many famous Vermont citizens including the 21st President: Chester A Arthur.

It is one grave that we are concerned with though – the grave of a very rich but unethical greedy man – where the statue called “Black Agnes” resides.

Below the statue reside the remains of John Hubbard; who was far more interested in making money quickly rather than actually working for it. Unfortunately, something just as prevalent now as in the 19th century.

Hubbard swindled the town and all of his relatives out of his aunt’s estate. He would die a few years later from liver cancer – just desserts I suppose.

The statue erected over his grave – that would come to be called “Black Agnes” – is actually that of Thanatos, the Greek mythological representation of nothing short of Death itself. Albeit, a female representation of the one force no one avoids.


Paranormal Activity

It is unclear when the legends about Black Agnes began but it is thought to be over a century ago – probably shortly after the statue appeared. Some people say the curse is only in effect at midnight on the night of a full moon while many other say Agnes is not so particular about who she embraces or when.

Either way it is said if you dare to sit in her lap – either on a particular night or any night; probably not something that should be left to chance – Agnes will embrace you. Oh, not the actual statue itself which would scare the living crap out of anyone but the force she controls: death. In short you will die in the next 7 days.

In some version legends you and 7 of your friends which seems a bit over the top.

Apparently, someone did dare to sit on Agnes’ lap – decades ago of course – and he and 2 of his friends paid the ultimate price: 1 died in a car accident, 1 drowned and, curiously, 1 was spared and just shattered his leg in a fall.

Easy to dismiss all of this – and of the other Black Agnes and Black Auggies in the world – as just another Urban Legend.

Still. . . , never forget all Urban Legends started with a truth at some point.