Whipple Lane in Washington Township Park, Avon, IN

Status: Active Railway Bridge; Extreme Danger


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This bridge was built for the Big Four Railroad. It is used by CSX today, so it is an active rail line.

Active rail lines are private property and extremely dangerous. You want to investigate the site; not become of its ghosts so please stay off the rails.


Paranormal Activity

There are a number of legends associated with this bridge and there are records of people dying on this bridge.

The first is that a worker – possibly drunk – fell into the cement while the bridge was being constructed. When a train passes over the bridge his dying moans can still be heard.

Four workers – possibly doing an inspection on the bridge – fell over the side and drowned in the river below. Phantom thuds and splashes can be heard. Anyone looking at the river during this activity will see only calm water and no ripples.

The most famous legend – the one that makes this one of the many crybaby bridges in the world – is that a young mother carrying her baby slipped and fell off the bridge. Tragically, this killed them both. At night the sounds of the mother’s screams and the baby crying can be heard. Locals beep their car horn as they pass under the bridge to avoid hearing the baby crying.

The apparition of the mother is occasionally seen on the bridge or falling over the edge into the water.

This location is said to be the most active on Halloween Night.